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All kinds of used hot air balloon parts and components.  You may find some surprises here.  Have something you would like to sell?  We'll add it to our page. Give us a call or e-mail:  Paul S. Stumpf (802) 875-1600


Used Aerostar Hot Air Balloon systems, Baskets, Burners, Tanks, etc. 

The hot air balloon systems and components shown on the linked pages are all available for immediate sale.  They may be currently in the possession of owners, dealers, distributors or at the Aerostar Factory.  All equipment is fully guaranteed to be as represented by the ads.  In addition, everything we sell has been, or will be inspected by an Aerostar authorized Factory Service Center.  Owner assisted, pre-purchase inspections are also available through Stumpf Balloons Repair Station  RG5R170N.



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